Facebook gives its Messenger app for iOS an update, allows to make groups and forward messages

Facebook has given its Messenger app for iOS an update that lets you group contacts together however you’d like and send stickers to them. Along with the typical stability fixes and speed improvements, the change log notes that you can now forward messages and photos to users that aren’t in your current conversation too. So […]

Facebook Home’s new commercial features Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has released a new commercial with an unusual star — CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The company’s “Launch Day” ad, published to the web yesterday, sees Zuckerberg deliver an address to his employees prior to the release of Facebook Home, Facebook’s new Android-integrated mobile operating system. “Guys! This is it,” Zuckerberg exclaims upon entering the scene […]

Facebook’s new home on Android

  Facebook Home, the new application that takes over the front screen of a smartphone, is a bit of a corporate home invasion. Facebook is essentially moving into Google’s turf, taking advantage of software the search giant and competitor created. Facebook Home will operate on phones running Google Inc.’s Android software and present Facebook status updates, […]