Top 5 smartphones below Rs 7,000

Buying a smartphone below Rs 7,000 requires more care than buying a smartphone that costs Rs 20,000 or above. In the upper range even the bad ones will not be as bad, but in the entry level category you can get stuck with phones that won’t work for you because they have too little in […]

Google celebrates Mother’s day with a doodle

Mother’s day Google Doodle is a card making machine. Visitors are greeted with a warm and playful doodle and clicking on the play button starts an interactive session where one prepares a gift for his or her mother. The doodle is a perfect reminder for you to call and visit your mother no matter where […]

Nokia Lumia 928 officially announced in US

Nokia has officially announced Nokia Lumia 928 in US which will run on verizon network. While the name of final spec of the international version of the device is still unknown, one does not expect any major changes from what the US market is getting except for LTE support. Nokia makes a big deal of […]