Instagram adds two new editing tools as well as a “Post Notifications” feature to its Android and iOS apps

Instagram’s latest app update includes two new editing tools, called “Fade” and “Color” and also a “Post Notifications” feature, which will notify users when their favorite accounts post new updates. The “Fade” tool allows users to wash out colour from pictures and get a more muted effect reminiscent of low-fi prints with variable intensity and […]

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Instagram launches Hyperlapse, an app for shooting stabilised time-lapses

Instagram yesterday announced Hyperlapse, an app that’ll let smartphone users shoot time-lapse videos that look like they were produced with a professional video rig. Hyperlapse carries a clean interface and the app launches straight into the camera. Once you are done with the recording, all you have to do is just toggle between 1x and […]


Bolt messaging app by Instagram goes live, however in select countries

After Facebook’s attempt to outdo Snapchat failed by launching the Slingshot app, Instagram now seems to be getting in the battleground. The popular photo-sharing app company today launched Bolt, a snapchat-like messaging app, that is very beautiful in looks but is currently available in select countries. Bolt lets users send a pic to a friend […]

Now Instagram users can send and receive messages

Instagram, the popular image sharing platform owned by Facebook, on Thursday announced a new feature named Instagram Direct. The service allows users to send and receive photos, videos and text messages privately with other Instagram users as well as groups of Instagram users. Instagram wrote on its blog – “From how you capture photos and […]