Apple launches Apple Music



Apple unveiled its new music streaming service , Apple Music yesterday at the WWDC . Apple plans to give a stiff competiton to Spotify , Tindal and Soundcloud and exert its influence in the digital music segment .

This highly anticipated launch comes after the takover of Beats by Apple last year.The first thing that you have to understand is that Apple Music isnt your ordinary Music streaming app like Spotify or Soundcloud . It has got lot more than that .

The main feature of Apple Music is  a catalogue of millions of songs and music videos to stream on-demand, as well as a wide variety of programmed playlists created by its in-house team of editors, and by musicians. Apple Music has been specifically designed to tailor the needs of the user .  As in the Demo showed yeaterday it asks all the artists you like and then asks the artists you” really really” like . It then shows and suggest you the music of your liking.

Another part of Apple Music is  a 24 hour  internet radio station called Beats  1 headed by former BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe

Thirdly Apple also showed  another feature calld Connect. It basically allows the  artists to upload music , photos  and messages  for their fans .It is basically like a blog to which the fans can subscribe to.

Apple Music will be launced in 100 countries on June 30 with a 3 month trial . After that users will be charged $9.99 for subscription .For those with Android devices , do not get disappointed as Apple plans to launch it on Android too .

Post Author: Sanuj Bhatia