Apple launches a cheaper 5K Retina iMac and a new 15-inch MacBook Pro with force touch


Apple has launched a cheaper variant of its 5K Retina iMac and has also cut down the price of the highest model to $2,299 from $2,499.

The cheaper version of the iMac is priced at $1,999 and lacks Apple’s hybrid Fusion drives, and instead uses a standard 1TB drive, reports The Verge. The model will also replace Apple’s top-of-the-line non-Retina iMac.

Alongside the iMac, the Cupertino-based tech giant also released new models of the 15-inch MacBook Pro that includes a Force Touch trackpad and boasts of additional hour of battery life, faster storage, and up to 80 percent faster graphics.

The two configurations being offered by Apple right now, have however, brought up the price of the MacBook Pros , with the two models priced at 1,999 dollars and 2,499 dollars each, up from 1,899 dollars and 2,399 dollars, respectively.

Post Author: Ishita Mediratta