Instagram adds two new editing tools as well as a “Post Notifications” feature to its Android and iOS apps


Instagram’s latest app update includes two new editing tools, called “Fade” and “Color” and also a “Post Notifications” feature, which will notify users when their favorite accounts post new updates.

The “Fade” tool allows users to wash out colour from pictures and get a more muted effect reminiscent of low-fi prints with variable intensity and the “Color” tool adjusts the tones of both highlights and shadows of your pictures, Tech Crunch reported.

Both the new creative tools are already available for Android (version 6.19.0) users. The iOS app however, is expected to roll out the new features in a few days.

The other “Post Notifications” feature  allows users to check new posts instantly without even checking one’s phone and is available on both iOS and Android.

Post Author: Ishita Mediratta