Delhi High Court lifts ban on the OnePlus One


Last week, OnePlus fans were hit with a shock when Micromax had the company’s smartphones banned in India, reason being they allegedly infringed on its exclusive right to use Cyanogen’s custom Android software. However, now Delhi’s High Court  has lifted the preliminary injunction that kicked OnePlus out of the country. The bench argues that this early ban wasn’t necessary, since neither company really “eats into the the territory of the other.” That makes sense: Micromax mostly caters to the low end of the market, while OnePlus is further up the ladder.

It’s not completely over yet — the judge who handed down the original ban will have to deal with the issue two weeks from now, when both sides will have more time to plead their cases. Whether OnePlus will stand a better chance of staying on the market after that view is unclear. And even if it does, this is still a messy situation. One phones sold in India can’t get future CyanogenMod updates due to the deal with Micromax, so many locals won’t get the same experience as their foreign friends even if OnePlus prevails in the courtroom.

Post Author: Ishita Mediratta