Snaps of Amazon’s new phone leaked online, confirm the presence of six cameras


We have been hearing a lot about the Amazon’s new phone, but yesterday the folks at BGR leaked online a couple of snaps making it very easy for us to take the first look.  Although the device has been enclosed within a case, then also we can easily see five cameras up front (reportedly a sixth out back) and a trio of buttons along the left side handle power and volume. The screen is reportedly of the 4.7-inch variety.

According to previous reports, the rear one is a standard phone camera for taking photos, and apparently one of the five on the front is also just a standard camera. The four other face cameras, though, are apparently for something especially unique: the phone’s 3D interface. All those cameras reportedly enable the phone to track the position of your head and where you’re looking, thus enabling glasses-free 3D from any angle. BGR says the four face cams are low-power infrared sensors.




Post Author: Ishita Mediratta