Intel @ CES 2014 : Smartwatch, Intel Edison


After Pebble, Intel is next to join the line of smart watches as it has launched it’s first wearable device at the CES. The smartwatch’s USP is that unlike other devices like Pebble or the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Intel’s smartwatch doesn’t need to be tethered to any device and can work on its own.

It also includes a feature called ‘geofencing’, which sends the user location-based notifications. So if a kid wearing the smartwatch were to veer away from a designated path, the child’s guardian will be immediately notified.



In addition to the smartwatch, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich also unveiled Edison, a computer which is the size of a memory card. It is targeted at smart consumer products and wearable devices and will be arriving later this year.

Edison has been built using 22nm Quark technology and is a Pentium-class PC powered by a dual-core SoC. It features LPDDR2 RAM, flash storage, I/O capabilities, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and on the software front, it runs on Linux. Intel will also be offering an app store built specially for Edison.

Post Author: Ishita Mediratta