Google Glasses gets a new Boutique app store, new lock screen and a refreshed contact list


Earlier this month, the Explorer Edition of Google Glass got its first major update codenamed the XE7, which introduced a host of new features including new web browsing capabilities. Digging around through the update, SlashGear has now found some previously unheard of features like ‘boutique’ app store, media players and a way to lock the device among others. But we are not sure whether it will be a part of the final update or not.

To start with, Google seems to have addressed the growing privacy concerns with the wearable device with a way to lock the device. This feature lets users set unique swipe patterns on the side touchpad to unlock the device. There’s also evidence of a native app store for the Glass, in a set of codes titled ‘Boutique’. This could be an indication that Google might be readying an app-store called boutique where it would offer Glass-specific apps.

In addition to the above, there are also some multimedia-related codes that point at a music player with the traditional play/pause/resume buttons and also a video player. Finally, there’s also a contact list, which looks like it can sync all your Gmail contacts, instead of only 10 as was earlier supported.

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Post Author: Ishita Mediratta